Instant Grab #310 Interior & Exterior Water-Based Adhesive

Instant Grab #310 Interior & Exterior Water-Based Adhesive

Akfix #310 is a quick-grab formula provides a high-strength, heat and water resistant bond to variety of substrates. 

Properties: Interior & Exterior. Excellent adhesion. Instant Grab. Weatherproof. Paintable. Solvent-free. Low Odor. Water Clean up

Applications: Recommended for any kind of wood construction decorative panels, brick, concrete, tile, wood, plywood, treated lumber, plaster, ceramic, PVC, cork, vinyl, masonry, glass, non-polished, stones, polystyrene, aluminum and metal. Remodeling projects filling gaps and cracks.

Instructions: The substrate must be dry clean and free of grease. One of the surfaces must be poures to province a faster curing rate.  Application temperature must be between+5 C (41 F) and 35 C (95 F).  Apply the adhesive to the edges and corners of the materials to be bonded. Press the materials together and fix properly.  The materials can still be moved immediately after bonding.  It may be required to provide support during setting.  As long as the adhesive has not been fully cured it must be protected against water and moisture.  The excessive adhesive can be cleaned with water if it has not cured yet.  Not suitable for areas which are constantly exposed to water. 

Not Recommended: It does not bond mirrors, as one surface must be poures.

VOC: 0%    

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Coverage: Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles 8-10 tiles per tube, PVC (2 ft. x 2ft.) 6-8 tiles per tube.

Tube Size: 10 oz.

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