Crown Molding "Stockport" 9-1/4 in. (CMW-028)

Crown Molding "Stockport" 9-1/4 in. (CMW-028)
Polyurethane Crown Molding    

Polyurethane is a hard, dense foam that has many advantages over wood in that it does not rot, crack, splinter, or absorb moisture.

Here are a few of the many advantages of polyurethane moldings:

  • Exquisite detail and design consistency.
  • Lasts longer than MDF or wood crown molding.
  • Designed for interior and exterior use.
  • Cuts cleanly without splintering.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.

FACE: The distance between the outer contact point with the ceiling to the bottom contact point with the wall.

HEIGHT: The distance between the ceiling and the bottom contact point with the wall.

WIDTH: The distance between the wall and outer contact point with the ceiling.

The FACE is the hypotenuse of the right triangle whose legs are the WIDTH and the HEIGHT.

White Crown Molding
White Molding Style:Stockport
White Molding Face:9-1/4 in.
White Molding Height:6-1/2 in.
White Molding Projection:6-1/2 in.
White Molding Length:94-1/2 in.
White Molding Material:Polyurethane
White Molding Weight:5.9 lb.
Suggested Ceiling Height:12 - 14 ft.

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This specific crown molding can be installed in two ways, the traditional one (all corners wont be the same) and making all corners the same, in this case this crown molding should be installed differently than the other ones because of the design itself, in order to make all corners the same, installation must start right from the corners to the center of the wall, then figure out the closest design match where both pieces meet, if the distance between little corbels is to short consider take of one of them, if on the other hand it is too large, then using an oscilating tool a corbel can be cut from waste pieces and layed with glue, touch up migh be done after this.

This molding can also be installed on curved walls by cutting every section between little corbels in specific angle, for example: 3º bevel and 1º miter on both sides of the cut, a curved result can be obtained, see picture below.

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